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The Music Podcast Series

Warwick School Music Departments has been releasing their Podcast series.

Music Podcast #4 The Solos: Vol. 3

Another group of soloists will take you on a journey from Baroque to a modern day rock-opera, via ornithology and dinner jazz. Click here to watch the video

Podcast #3 The Solos: Vol. 2

A Moondance, an Elegy, a Prelude and more. From Bach on the Bass to a Flourish of Flutes (or is it a ‘Gaggle’?), this week’s episode is another eclectic mix of musical treats. Click here to watch the video.

Podcast #2 The Solos: Vol. 1

In this episode we feature some wonderful solo talent. Fast drumming, silky smooth vocals, ‘crazy’ Cello and much more. Our musicians may be stuck at home, but their ability knows no bounds. Click here to watch the video.

Podcast #1: The Christmas Special

The Podcast series kicked off with a Christmas Special, featuring seasonal favourites performed by a variety of our Warwick School ensembles. These musical treats can be watched here and guaranteed to leave you feeling festive.