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Warwick School

Warwick School recognises the immense value and enjoyment that activities away from the classroom can bring. We are determined that this should continue despite the lockdown and have therefore set up a full online Co-curricular programme that feeds mind, body, and soul. These clubs and activities take place at various times during the week but many are on Friday afternoons.

We have 77 Clubs and Ensembles, 43 Friday Activities, and 27 Academic Clinics available.

Highlights from last Friday’s Activities included cooking microwave mug cakes, RAF flight simulator, and History Dig School. This week sees the start of Dr Gill’s introduction to Sikhism and Sikh cuisine, Mrs Wilson’s Baker Street Irregulars, and Mr Tapper-Gray’s guide to getting ahead in competitive careers.

You can see the full via our school Portal. Boys are still welcome to sign up for Clubs or Clinics and just need to email Mr Gibbs or the member of staff in charge so that they can be added to the relevant Team.

Some examples of the clubs on offer are:

Academic Clubs
Biology Clinic, Chemistry Clinic, Class Civ., German, Music, Physics and Psychology.

Clubs and Societies
Baker Street Irregulars, Book Club, Chess, Choir, Debating, Geography Society,  Drama, French through Cooking, Jazz, Kissing it Better, Photography, Pupil Voice, Quiz Club,  Popular Careers Club, Run/Jog/Walk Club, Science Journal and World Music.

Friday Activities
History Dig School, CCF, Creative Writing, Current Affairs, Dungeons & Dragons, Green Team, Intro into Sikhism and Sikh Cuisine, LAMDA, Music Practice, Rugby Video Analysis, Science in Action, Student Investor Club and Yoga.

This is just a short list to give you a flavour of what is happening. Below the attachment has the full list of Clubs and Activities that are currently available.