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Warwick School

Warwick School recognises the immense value and enjoyment that activities away from the classroom can bring. We are determined that this should continue despite the lockdown and have therefore set up a full online Co-curricular programme that feeds mind, body, and soul. These clubs and activities take place at various times during the week but many are on Friday afternoons.

You might like to turn your hand to cooking to impress your parents, or Bushcraft if you want to get outside. For physical activity we now have over 80 members of the STRAVA fitness club. You may have seen that STRAVA have created new challenges for May. Why not sign up for a running, cycling or walking challenge? Make sure you get involved with at least one of the clubs this term. Take a look at the list below and contact the member of staff in charge for further information. If there is something missing then get in touch and we will create a new club for you and your friends.

Remote Co-Curricular Clubs at Warwick School

Club Teacher  Year Groups
3D Modelling and Animation Mr J Peel All
Book Group Mrs L Jones Year 7 & 8
Bushcraft Mr C Grant Year 8 & Above
Chess Mr A Ward All
Cooking and Baking Dr K Tudge All
Debating Mrs E Jacka All
Debut Jazz Mr D Storer Current Members
Design Sketching and Rendering Mr A Peck Year 9 & Above
Intro Jazz Mr D Storer Current Members
Jazz Evolution Mr D Storer Current Members
Jazz Explorers Mr D Storer Current Members
Kissing it Better (Charity Work) Miss Z Yeldham All
Managing Mood Mrs M Harper All Years
MedSoc Kunwoo Ha (Sixth Former) Sixth Form
Music Theory Mr A Laing (KHS Staff) All Years
Oxbridge Law Preparation Mr C Bennett Sixth Form
Physics/Engineering Science in Action Mr G Cafolla Sixth Form
Play Reading Miss A Ray Years 7, 8 & 9
Quiz Mr M Cooley All
Russian Mr E Hadley Year 9 & above
Science Discussion Miss Z Yeldham All
Science Journal Dr C Nuttall Sixth Form
Small Worlds (Creating Dioramas) Mr D Snatt All
Smart Law Mrs M Browne Year 10 & above
Sports Psychology Mr T Pierce All
Strava Running/Cycling Mr T Hancock All
Strength and Conditioning Mr T Broadley Year 10 & above
Year 7 Scholars Mr M Cooley Year 7 (not just scholars!)
Yoga Mrs K Poole Year 10 and above