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King's High School

With more time being spent at home, there is more opportunity than ever for our students to take part in a wide range of academic enrichment activities and challenges.

Our new booklet – Beyond the Classroom – contains a wide array of resources and projects for our students to get stuck into, with Inspire challenges for every year group as well as hundreds of subject-specific websites that take students from physics to drama, mathematics to online tours of international art galleries, and a huge amount more. We have also created a booklet for Friday afternoon activities, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, and a timetable of co-curricular activities

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are busy putting together ideas that will become entries for our fourth annual Inspire Essay competition, with research including analysis of why matter exists, gender inequality in the music industry, and a historical analysis of the Royal Navy. Key Stage 3 students continue to meet weekly at the Inspire Research Club, receiving individual mentoring on their unique projects. They are also putting together entries for our Pepys Project, a living history document that all of our experiences of time staying at home. 

Year 10 are continuing to work on their innovative ‘Create’ projects, following the structure, ‘I am using X to solve Y’. The amazing work on offer includes the design of a cold-weather bicycle, an environmental artwork inspired by Picasso’s Guernica, and the design of a plastic-free re-usable pen. Watch this space for the next generation of design thinkers!

During our ‘School at Home’ period, Year 11 will begin to focus on their EPQ, with students extending their knowledge of Law, Medicine, Forensic Science and much more. Year 11, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth also have the opportunity to write for Spiritus, a new academic journal showcasing some of our very best research work.

Our older girls are also making the most of opportunities to extend their thinking beyond the classroom, including a six-session creative thinking course led by Professor Jonathan Wheals, the Chief Engineer (Innovation) and Global Senior Technologist at Ricardo. Those students who are turning their minds to upcoming university applications and university places are making the most of an upcoming series of academic talks, both from King’s High staff and in the form of ‘webinar lectures’, where students watch academic lectures and discuss the content in a webinar format. We are discovering a whole new way of making links between the world of school and the world of university.

We are so proud of the continued creativity, independence and curiosity that students across the year groups are showing during this unusual time. Each week we gather information about the exciting academic enrichment work that our students are up to. We hope this gives a brief snapshot:

“I have always wanted to write a book, and am going to use this time to write a story about the idea of perfection.”

 “During this period I’m hoping to learn more about medicine. I want to expand my knowledge and learn how it has changed over time.”

 “It is so important to be interested (within and beyond a specification)and the Inspire Programme is the best opportunity to explore yourinterests tothe fullest degree. Whether you're passionate about film, science, literature,the arts, or you're still unsure about what it is that you truly love,there is something for everyone in this Programme.”

Dr Philip Seal

Director of Studies