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Year 8 Time Travel Stories

Pupils in Year 8 at Warwick School have written some fantastic stories about time travel.

Lost in Time by Isaac Royle

The wind blew gently through his hair and over his body. Relaxing him to a point of almost sleep. This was his favourite part of the day: standing, looking over at the wilderness, with not a care in the world, the evening sun setting, the gentle breeze, and the peace and quiet.

Looking around, he was, once again, stunned by the beauty of it. Nature growing free. Not like in big towns or cities, where plants, animals, and nature has been destroyed. And been replaced by huge buildings, each fighting to be the tallest.

Looking up at the sky, he saw the moon, bright but small against the infinite darkness of the sky. A flicker of movement caught his eye, waking him from his daydream: a ball of, what looked like, fire was plummeting down from the sky. It looked like it was headed straight towards his village. Cautiously and slowly, he backed away. Eventually he started to run, shouting his sister’s name:

‘Emily! Emily!’

‘What?’ Came the bored reply.

‘Come and look at this! Quick!’ He shouted. Just then, there was a massive boom, as the great ball of rock hit the ground near the village.

‘Whoa! What was that?’ Asked Emily.

‘I think it was a meteorite! I saw it flying through the sky earlier!’ Harry answered.

‘Cool! Can we go and see it?’

‘Yeah. But I want to bring Jack along. He has always loved meteors and space.’

Harry and Emily walked to Jack’s house. Jack was Harry’s best friend; he had known him for all his life.

Jack’s house wasn’t a long way away, so it didn’t take them long to get there. And when they did get there, and told Jack where they were going, they were off. Going towards the meteor.

Harry Roberts was twelve years old, with brown, short, curly hair. He had amazingly bright, beautiful, blue eyes, that made you stare straight into them, without meaning to. He was tall, but skinny, with long, athletic legs, that could run very fast.

Harry’s sister, Emily Roberts, was ten years old, with long, brown, straight hair, and blue eyes, like Harry’s. She was quite short and skinny but had a fierce look in her eyes that told you not to mess with her, or else.

Jack Brown was, also, 12 years old, with short, blond, straight hair. He had green eyes and was a very big lad, with big, broad shoulders and strong arms.

The meteor had tunnelled down very far into the ground, but luckily there were lots of footholds and handholds, to hold onto as they climbed down. When they reached the very bottom of the drop, they had a massive surprise. What they thought was a meteor, was actually, what looked like, a spaceship…

‘What… What is that?’ Emily asked.

‘Looks like a … a spaceship! From outer space!’ Jack replied. ‘Let’s go and check the inside out!’

Inside the spaceship, there was one drawer and two buttons.

‘There’s not really much in here, just a drawer with nothing in it, and two buttons. What do the buttons do anyway?’ Harry moved towards the buttons and muttered to himself, ‘They’re two arrows pointing in different directions. Cautiously, he pressed one of the buttons. Suddenly, the ground started shaking, and there was a high pitched, screaming noise.

‘Ahhh! What’s happening? Ah it’s so loud! Make it stop! Make it quieter!’ Someone shouted. All of a sudden, the drawer fell open to reveal ear protectors. When they put them on, everything was silent. A few minutes later, the door swung open to reveal buildings collapsing all around them. They took the ear protectors of and were thrown back from an incredibly loud explosion. Harry looked out of the door to see a building falling towards them.

‘Run! Quick! Run!’ Harry screamed. He grabbed Emily and Jack roughly by the hand and sprinted out the door. Just making it in time.

They walked along the street aimlessly, walking, mouths agape, staring at the buildings, or, what was left of the buildings. Most of them had fallen over and had chunks missing. Bricks littered the streets, the sky was dark, and unwelcoming.

‘Where are we?’ Jack asked. No one answered.

‘Um. Guys.’ Jack said a few minutes later. ‘You. Uhh. You’d better have a look at this.’ Jack was standing over a worn-out newspaper. But you could still see the date on it: ‘24th January 1940…’

‘What!!!!’ Emily shrieked. ‘We’re in 1940! 1940!! No. That … that … can’t … just can’t be true. Nononononono. No. I’m in a dream. It’s not real.’ She burst into tears. The others just stood there. Shaking their heads. Not believing it. Then Harry realised something:

‘Hang on a second. We’re in the past, so that thing that just got crushed was a time machine. Our only way back to the present. Th-then we’re stuck here f-forever.’ He exclaimed, ‘How did this happen? How are we going to get out? When are we going to get out?’

The next few hours, the three sat down on a rusty, broken bench and stared at the ground, to shocked to say anything. There was no one else around. Everything was quiet, the only sound was the noise of the three of them breathing.

Suddenly, a man was sitting next to them. He had come out of nowhere. But still they didn’t look up.

‘Come.’ The man rasped, ‘come with me, I can get you back.’ All three of them looked up.

‘What?’ Jack asked, ‘You mean you can get us back to 2020. How? Oh God, I miss 2020 so much already! Please say you can take us back. Please!’

‘Yes, I can take you back.’ The man said, ‘I’ve got my own time machine, because I’m from the year 3030, when you use time machines a lot.’

On the way to the time machine: the man said that he was called Evan, that he was a traveller who had come to get supplies like wood, water, and food, because in 3030, the planet’s dying and all of those things are very rare.

‘So, how did you know we were from the future?’ Harry asked, how did you know that we were from the future, for 1940?’

‘I saw you land, I saw your time machine get crushed. So, I came to help.’ Evan said. They were silent as they thought about that. Soon, they got to the time machine.

‘Come on.’ Evan said, ‘Hop in.’ This time machine was amazing. The outside was light blue and very smooth and shiny. The inside was the best bit. It was like all of your favourite dreams in one. There were luxury chairs, a cinema screen, a bar, so many sweets, and loads more.

‘Wow!’ The three of them said in unison. This time machine was silent when it took off, unlike the other one, there was none of the ground shaking, or the high-pitched noise. Everything about it screamed luxury.

The ride only lasted five minutes, and when they got to 2020, they said ‘thank you’ to Evan, and sprinted back to their houses. When they got there, the supper had just finished cooking, and everything was normal. It was like they had only been gone for five minutes.

A Matter of Monarchy by Rory Moir

It is 2019 but not as we know it. England lives in anarchy. Their system of government is literally an anarchist one and there is not, nor was there ever, a royal family. It is under Germany’s control and most of the population are farmers. It is a much poorer country, but one advancement is time machines’ existence. We can now travel anywhere in time with the permission of WOT, the World Organisation of Time. The goal they publicised was to accurately find out about everything that happened before now. This may sound strange, but it was necessary because of the strain time travel had on the body. Very few adults could time travel without coming back with broken bones or twisted joints or other painful conditions so children did it, with the guidance of adults who could watch them and track the ship. And our story starts in the headquarters of WOT in England with three children who were members of WOT.

Michael stepped out of the magic contraption that was a time machine, followed by Katherine and Thomas.

He made his way to the office of his controller who said, “Well done Thomas. This is ground-breaking. We will have to change the history books now that we know that they burned witches! Here take this.”

He handed Thomas a thick wad of paper – what he had found on his trip back in time – and Thomas exited the room and walked to Mr Walker’s office. Mr Walker was the head of WOT in England and the man who filed history away.

He knocked on the door and heard a cheery voice bellow, “Come in Michael! What gold have you brought today?”

Michael handed him the paper and Mr Walker put it on his desk, accidentally knocking some other paper off. Before he could pick it up though, a phone rang in the room next door. He rushed to get it after telling Michael that he was dismissed but before he went, Michael bent down to pick up the paper and saw something shocking written there.

Outside, near the WOT headquarters, Michael told his friends about what he had read on that paper.

“It talked about altering time and weakening the whole world. Then, it would be easy for them to take over the world!”

Katherine asked, “Are you sure Michael?” but Thomas thought that they should do something about it and Michael mentioned that he’d seen something about the Germans winning world war, so they thought up a plan.


Later that night, three shadows crept into the building, unnoticed by any human, scanned in by the computers. They climbed up to the top of the building and walked along to the quantum chamber.

Einstein’s theories stated that in this universe, it is impossible to travel back in time so to do that, humans must first travel to a realm where the laws are completely different: the quantum realm. This also stopped any time paradoxes from happening.

Just before they reached it, a door opened. They all stayed silent. The man stepped out but turned away from them, towards the chamber. They waited till he was gone before creeping over there. When they got to the door, they started striding towards a machine, trying to look like they should be there. It worked and they got on a time machine with a ticket.

Thomas rammed forward the quantum jump lever but just before they left, a man shouted, “Hey! They’re not scheduled to go!” and a robotic arm, the one that had just held their machine in place grabbed at them.

The ship was slowly being dragged backwards and Michael opened the door, hoping to try and dislodge it, but the arm was attached to the door. Opening said door though, jerked the arm and the arm ripped the door off their vessel. They were free.

Katherine cheered, “Good work, captain!” but Michael had still been holding the door.

Michael was dragged back into the real world, but the arm got intercepted by another time machine and Michael, the arm and the door were sent off to another time.

Back with Thomas and Katherine, Katherine was trying to locate Michael but having no luck because they were in a different time!

She shouted to Thomas, “Remove the tracking chip. If you don’t, they’ll find us.”

This would have been Michael’s job, but Thomas pulled out a piece of plastic and threw it out the doorway. He then noticed the snapped green wire that he had broken when yanking out the chip.

Thomas remarked, “Whoops!”

Then the ship started falling from its high position in the air. At the same moment, Katherine pulled a lever which would send them through every 50-year time period from 1 AD onwards. As they fell, they warped through all these times until the scanner beeped: it had found Michael! She warped back to that time just before they hit the ground and they slowed down before hitting a man made of metal. And out the window, they saw Michael, his mouth open. Thomas, who had been trying to reconnect the wire, had accidentally melted an orange on while trying to weld the green one back together but he and Katherine left it for later as they rushed over to Michael.


The machine he was on flung Michael into a pile of hay when it stopped, and he started to get up, but the door of the machine opened, and a man came out. One who he knew very well despite the brown tunic, tights and dark green cloak that would allow him to blend in with the other citizens. The figure inspected the ship before accepting that there was no damage and he pressed the button on the ship to make it sink through the ground. And then Mr Walker walked out of the room with a black, metal disk in one hand and a Glock in the other.

Michael’s first thought was that he felt slightly hotter. He then climbed out of the hay and inspected the hut he was in and saw that it was made of wattle and daub. The daub made the room smell so he hurried to exit but not before picking up a big cloak off the bench, the only piece of furniture in the whole small hut.

Outside were many different huts like the one he had arrived in and while keeping an eye on Mr Walker, he surveyed the scene to see if he could figure out what part of history he was in. He didn’t see many shops or too many men or women either. The few that were there were selling clothing, but he could see a couple of farms and concluded that most people must be farming or hunting. He also saw huge forests: the trees weren’t huge, there were just many trees all in one place. Occasionally he would see some children playing with cube-shaped bones the game of knucklebones or he would see them playing backgammon, but these were played throughout so many years of history, that he could still only guess at his whenabouts and whereabouts.

He followed Walker to a more majestic building and watched Walker slip in, following him after he had. He saw him walk through a doorway and then heard nothing. As quietly as possible, Michael creeped through the doorframe to find the disc on the floor muting sound and Mr Walker pointing his gun at a young boy’s head. Michael grabbed the Glock, taking Mr Walker by surprise but before he could do anything else, the man was gone. Michael chased him leaving the confused boy alone, but couldn’t find Mr Walker on the streets, so he went back to the hut.

When he entered the hut, he saw the time machine back. Then Mr Walker exited, in a metal exosuit and another gun but he was temporarily stunned, “Michael?”

Michael, though equally stunned by the metal monster in front of him, started backing away as it followed him out the door. Mr Walker, looked unsure, but explained, “I can’t have you running off. For all I know, you could have an iris camera.”

He raised the gun towards Michaels head and said, “Just know that this isn’t because-”

He was interrupted by the metal contraption that had just fallen from the sky and crushed him. Thomas and Katherine jumped out from the doorway and laughed with relief, but their celebrations were cut short by the fact that the time machine had just been lifted by an apparently not-dead Mr Walker. The man threw the machine at the children, but just after it left his hands, a place appeared next to it where there was nothing and the time machine and Mr Walker were sucked in and disappeared.

After they recovered, they took Mr Walkers machine back to 2019 and suddenly knew many different things about the past. The little boy he had saved became King Alfred, the first king of England. Without him, there was never a king, which meant that Parliament and Prime Ministers were never assigned. They suddenly knew about the current royal family and PM but still remembered the fake timeline that they had spent their lives in.

There were still many other WHO headquarters throughout the world so they sent the files and contracts Mr Walker had been sent and was sending to all the WHO facilities, to the Prime Minister anonymously and the WHO centres were shut down, and the countries’ government took over the role that WHO had filled. They employed many people, but Michael, Katherine and Thomas became the Prime Minister’s main crew. He had a feeling he owed them something, as head of the country, but couldn’t put a finger on it. Despite this, they never asked for anything except for new missions and so he stopped worrying about it. Especially when he was able to earn more public approval when his team brought back more evidence than the other teams. This peaceful co-operation continued for a few months. And then they called him to ask if he’d meet with them. He prepared a room and heard what they said. The Prime Minister left that room in a shocked state before he picked up his phone and dialled a familiar number.

The Journey by Leonardo Sica

I was just running to my house. There is nothing weird about that. I was being chased by some bullies, who decided it would be funny to chase me home. Then, I found something that changed my life, forever.

I ran through the trees, I ran through the tall grass, and I would run through anything I could’ve to get away. I constantly looked back and saw them gain on me. I thought all was lost, until I saw a discreet space inside a hollow tree. I quickly dived into it. To my relief, the bullies ran past. Shaken, and a little bruised, I climbed out of the tree, and was about to go back home, when I caught sight of a magnificent steel box, covered in rust and ivy. I went closer, to it, to find that it had a door. I closed my hand on the handle and turned.

As I went inside, I was astounded, and dumbfounded at the sight before me. I was looking at a chair with dates on it, and screen with a world map, which was constantly changing shape. At first, I thought this was a satellite, but no. It was a time machine! I gazed in awe.
‘I’m going to tell everyone about this!’ I said. I climbed into the chair, and fiddled around with the switches, until something happened, something that changed my life. Suddenly, the whole room just turned on, and panicked, I tried to run out of the room. But before I could, there was a bright light, and then it was gone as soon as It started. Relieved, I picked up my school bag and headed out of the door.

As soon as I stepped outside, I knew something was wrong. The buildings were all made of stone, and there were no skyscrapers. I ran back inside the metal box and started to panic.
‘What the heck is going on?’ I asked myself. I quickly scrambled up to the screen, and to my horror, saw the Earth. I was in Rome, in 10bc, on a Tuesday, on the 23rd of June. I tried to change the date to 21st July 2021, back home, but the screen said it would be days until it would recharge. I screamed then, the loudest I have ever screamed. I then re-evaluated my situation. I had my after-school snack and about 10 pounds in my bag. I then cheered up. It was then that I decided to go outside and look around what appeared to be 10AD.

This was when I had my first incident. I don’t know what happened. I just handed them some money, then all Hell was broken loose.

I was walking around the forum, looking at all kinds of things being sold. From food, to togas, to massive pieces of jewellery. I decided that I would buy something to eat, since I didn’t want to starve. Everyone was giving me really weird looks, as if I was an alien, and walking away from me. It reminded me from the social distancing thing from 2020. I went to the nearest stall selling food and took out the money from my bag. It was then that clouds started to come over me and it started to rain.
‘Hello, how much is this?’ I asked, pointing at some dried fruit.
‘Quid?’ asked the stall holder.
‘Huh? Anyway, just take this.’ I replied. I gave him 2 pounds and took the dried fruit. As soon as I took the fruit, a piece of lightning forked straight at me, and struck the ground a few metres away from where I was standing.
‘et est maledictus Iovi!’ shouted the stall holder. ‘ut eum!’
I ran through the streets, with rain pouring down onto my face. There were Romans everywhere, trying to grab hold of me and kill me. I caught sight of the colosseum, and I ran into there for protection. It was there that I saw my first killing.

In the colosseum, I saw two gladiators fighting, and I was just in the wrong place in the wrong time, because just as I entered, the murmillo entered the killing blow to the head of the spear man. Blood was spurting out everywhere and half the crowd cheered. Feeling like I was going to be sick, I ran out, only to find that next to it, a man got trampled to death, by a chariot. Sick of this, I ran to the time machine. As I ran, I could see the time machine getting closer, and the moment after that, was the worst moment of my life. A bolt of lightning struck the time machine.

I was distraught. I thought it was all over for me, however, the machine was still there. In fact, it had just charged to maximum capacity after the strike. I climbed in the chair, and pressed a button, and there was a flash, and I was back in the year of 2021. I ran out of the machine, back to my house, and when I got home, I lied in my bed, and didn’t get up for hours.

That is the story of my time in Rome, and I didn’t tell you this until now, but this is how it changed my life. My name is Claudius.

A Journey Through Time by Will Callender

It was the day. They had prepared for many months for this science fair extravaganza. The doors opened and children of many ages flooded into the hall clutching the precious projects. Scared, one little boy stood in the corner clutching his little volcano. The hall had turned into a warzone; people were being shoved to the floor and others dropped their projects. However, Jimmy and Ferdinand waited outside since their project was too big to be carried. They had taken it in the night before to guarantee they got a good spot. This was needed for what they made was astonishing, outstanding, extraordinary and most of all…it was a big joke. The boys had jokingly made a time machine but weren’t ready for what came next. 

The judges came round to their creation and were shocked, they didn’t believe it. The two boys went along with their plan and stepped into the box. Ferdinand started creepy music and they couldn’t help but laugh. The teachers all sighed in unison but then they realized. It had worked! The two boys clutched each other tightly as their little box began to spin and shot out the roof. Everyone looked up to find a giant hole in the roof. After a few minutes of spinning the two boys found themselves in a weird kind of control room. Standing in the middle with a huge smile on his face. 

”Greetings!” he exclaimed, the two boys stared at each other and said tentatively, 

“Um, hi.” The man turned around and muttered something to himself under his breath. Jimmy had a look around at some things in the room. There were signs everywhere saying DANGER! KEEP AWAY! Jimmy burst into tears and slumped in a chair. He looked up and noticed what he was sat in was an Xvidia Gexotic Neolab 5002. Flipping the power switch, the machine sprung to life and Jimmy grinned. Within minutes he was racing around Alamonie in a game called street racers of doom. The traveller spotted that Ferdinand didn’t have anything to do and showed him that there was a translation machine in the corner. The man told him that the language he needed to learn was Egyptian and Ferdinand just stared at Jimmy and whispered, 

“We’re going to Egypt!” Jimmy gasped and then it suddenly all hit him. He realized that he’d made a big mistake and had no clue how they’d get home. 

After many hours of sitting in a time machine, the time traveller told them they had arrived in Egypt. They stepped out and all that went through Jimmy’s brain was what have we done, this is the biggest mistake of our lives. On the other hand, Ferdinand was taking in all the amazing architecture around him. There were coffins made of solid gold, sphynxes staring over the desert and pyramids towering over everything. Out of nowhere, a mummy appeared; wrapped in bandages and staring at them with devil-like eyes. 

“Hello,” said the mummy, “follow me”. The mummy left and the two boys decided to follow as they had nothing else to do. They began to walk through the dark corridors. Jimmy turned and around and realized…their way home had disappeared. A look of panic appeared across his face. The mummy kept walking through the corridor and scared of losing it, they both followed. 

After walking through the corridor for a while they reached an opening. The warm air brushed along their faces and various noises filled their ears. The sound of drums being played in the distance and workers smashing rocks. The mummy took them to the magnificent tomb of Tutankhamun. It was covered with gold and diamonds. They glistened in the shining sun blinding anyone that looked. 

“He was a good man,” Sobbed the mummy, “why did he have to die so young.” The mummy began destroying everything until he was grabbed by two guards. The mummy began calming down ever so slightly until he had banished all the sadness from his mind. Promptly, the mummy left leaving the two boys behind. By then they were all running through a corridor that seemingly had no end until… 

The boys spotted something shining in the distance; it was unlike anything they’d seen before. Ferdinand ambled closer and closer to the mysterious object. Finally, his hand made contact with the relic and they both heard a noise. The roof was falling, the walls were closing in. But worst of all, red eyeballs appeared in the distance. They were getting closer…and closer…and closer…until a familiar voice said. 

“Hi boys, do you need a getaway driver.” Since the thought of death was pulsing through their veins, they didn’t hesitate to run towards the man. It was the man they’d met on their journey to Egypt. For what felt to the boys like many days there was no movement from either of them. Ferdinand decided to look down and cry but to his surprise, he saw the magnificent relic he had picked up from the room. He wondered whether it carried a curse that they’d carry for the rest of their miserable lives. Ferdinand showed Jimmy but they couldn’t react because their bodies were paralyzed. 

The next thing they knew they were sat back in their science fair machine with the entire hall staring at them blankly. The old, strict headteacher stormed through the door and pointed his hairy finger at the boys and screamed, 

“DETENTION!” and left shortly after. The judges had to fail Jimmy and Ferdinand because there was no proof that anything had actually happened and they didn’t just use fireworks to launch a box through the roof. The two boys explained many times but were never believed until this day when ruins were dug up of their house after it had been buried under sediment for hundreds of years. The relic has been placed in a secure cabinet along with a copy of their obscure diary entry for that specific day. Maybe we will have some time travellers come here and steal the relic or maybe the Egyptians steal it back. All we can do is wait. 

The Adventures of Josh Parker by Isaac Crow

The sun’s dazzling rays shone down on the sweltering coast of Miami, Florida and into Josh Parker’s kitchen. He slouched at the sleek, black marble table trying to get his seemingly everlasting piece of homework done. From where he sat the sound of waves hitting the shore filled his ears and the smell of sea salt wafted into his nose. Josh longed to get outside; to be free from this curse, to be in the sea surfing with his friends, enjoying the scorching sun’s heat. But no. He was imprisoned in his house, a curse that was most evil for a boy who needed exercise every day and loved to socialise with friends. However, it wasn’t his mum keeping him captive this time, it was the great and global pandemic called Covid-19. It was his second week of lockdown and isolation from all his friends and family, apart from his mum and dad. It was torture having to stay in the house where his mum and dad would constantly be arguing over the next thing. So unsurprisingly: he was bored. Bored out of his mind, he had nothing to do but do homework set by his school to fill the time, which was the last thing he would choose to do on a normal day.Although Josh had one salvation that the coronavirus hadn’t taken from him, the pool in the back garden,  his last hope. His mum had promised him that if he did 15 minutes more work then he could go out to the pool. The only problem was that 15 minutes of work was like an hour for Josh. Luckily, after he had bought his new watch from a man who said it was faulty, he could now set a 15 minute timer so that he knew when the time was up to the second so that he could maximise his time by the pool. As Josh set the 15 minute timer there was an unusual noise, instead of the beep it normally made when he set it there was just a click like the mechanism had broken.Taking no notice of the small difference, he picked up his pen and and re-gathered his homework papers. He clicked the button on top of his pen but instead of the nib being revealed, his vision went black…

 When he opened his eyes the black marble table had vanished. The chair he had been sitting on moments ago had shape-shifted into an old rickety wooden bench. Josh was outside, in a place opposite to his own city of Miami, where houses filled the land in and in which in the distance, there was nothing to be seen but lush green fields of carefully pruned crops. Worry and fear crept its way into Josh like a snake slithering up to its next catch. Josh had no idea where he was or how he got there, he only new that this was nothing like and nowhere near his home city of Miami.

Josh started to panic. Questions filled his head like a storm of demons, chanting the questions in his head, tormenting him about the fact he knew none of the answers to their questions. Where is my house? How do I get home? Will I see my parents ever again? Suddenly, a leaf floated down and landed on his shoulder which shook him out of the trance of worry and panic he was in. He looked up to where the leaf had fallen from and found that this little bench he sat on rested against a majestic oak spine its leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. Panic attack over, he started to think logically. He needed to find some people and ask them where he was. The problem was that from the ground he couldn’t see any houses, let alone people. Then he realised he was next to a giant tree and decided that the height advantage at the top of the tree may help him to see better. Josh climbed the tree with monkey-like pace and agility as he loved climbing back in Miami. Once he had climbed to the top, he stared out at the great expanse of fields taking in a 360 degree view of the land. Straight in front of him there was nothing and hope drained out of him but as he turned he saw a black spec in the distance. He looked closer and squinted and could finally make out the shape of a house. BINGO. Jack descended down the tree slightly too quickly in his haste to reach the house. With new hope coursing through his veins, he started his long trudge across the crop-filled fields.

Twenty minutes later, he had arrived outside the house. However, it was here that his mind flooded with doubt letting those demons filter into his head with more questions he didn’t know the answer to. Would there be people at the house? Would they speak his language? What would they do to a stranger they had never seen before? Josh was snatched out the trance when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a face watching him from an upstairs window. Now, looking closer at the house, he also realised this was no normal house. This house had no chimney and instead of tiles on the roof they had straw and a wood frame. Further down on the body of the house he realised that this house was made not of concrete but of mud and something else that smelled terrible. Josh then looked back at the window expecting to see the face still in the window but it had vanished. He then realised what had happened to the person in the window when the door opened in front of him and a a man stepped out.

The man wore a huge gown, which covered his whole body and was made of wool, which looked a bit like a dressing gown but definitely wasn’t one and had a V neck shirt with long laces and padding on the shoulders, he also had a small cape trailing behind him. He looked like somebody who had just jumped out of the screen of your TV when watching an old movie about men centuries ago. Josh stood there staring awkwardly at the man. “You all right son? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” When Josh didn’t reply, still transfixed by the house and the man’s obscure clothing, the man decided to bring Josh inside and make him a drink. Josh sat at the table opposite the man, a warm cup of something he had never seen before in his hands. “So, what’s  your name and what are you doing out here in Perswick?”

“My name i-i-i-s-s-s Josh Parker a-a-n-n-n-d I have no idea why I am here really I’m lost. Sort of,” stumbled Josh as he tried to reply to the man’s questions. “Hello Josh, my name is John Smith,”replied the man warmly, worry etching across his face at the fact that Josh was lost. He continued, “Maybe you could tell me where you live so I can help you find your way home or point you in the right direction?” This was music to Josh’s ears he had found someone who could show him where he was and how to get back to the sunny beaches of Miami. “I live in Miami.” said Josh eager to find out where to go. He knew everyone knew Miami so he didn’t need to specify it was in Florida, after all it is one of the most famous cities in America. “Hmmm… Miami I don’t think I’ve heard of that village is it somewhere near London?” answered John, trying to guess the location of this new place. Josh stared at him, a mystified look on his face. “Miami is not near London! It is in America. Please don’t tell me I’m in England near London.” Josh cried realising that if he wasn’t in the right country there was no chance he would get home soon. “What is America?” A quizzical look on John’s face showed Josh he wasn’t joking. “Oh and I am afraid the answer is yes we are in England.”

Josh felt like he was falling. He was so confused about how John did not know what the country America was? One  of the biggest countries in the world! He tried to stay calm and think of another way he could escape from this place back to his home. The idea came into his head like an inner light bulb had flicked on: he could take a plane! Regaining his deteriorating composure he asked John, “Where is the nearest airport around here and could you show me the way to it?”

“I’m sorry mate but you’re talking gibberish! I haven’t  heard of any place by the name of airport.”

Josh started to feel dizzy again as realisation flooded into him that there was no way he could leave this place. He was stuck here for ever.  “Seeing Josh’s reaction to the comment, John concluded, “I think you could do with a little nap, I have a spare bedroom upstairs.” And with that, he picked Josh up and took him upstairs and lay him on a bed. Josh didn’t object. He had lost all the reasons in the world to care. He simply fell asleep.

Josh awoke when he found John shaking him. “Come on, I’m going to the fight, and you can come too!” John eagerly stated. Josh got up and followed John out of the house and through the dense fields he had passed through to find the house. A few minutes later, he found himself in a village which John lead him straight through however, as we were about to come out the back of the village, John turned the corner into a kind of mini stadium or arena-type building. As Josh took his place on a small bench right in front of a little arena, many men started to stare at his clothes. He realised they were nothing like any of their’s and was about to say something when the crowd cheered as some dogs raced into the arena followed by a bear who was then chained to a post. Josh realised that people were shouting, “Get him dogs!” and that when he woke up John had said they were going to a fight. Josh put two and two together and realised there was about to be a slaughter. This was not what he wanted to see. He loved bears and was horrified to see the dogs starting to take pieces out of the now blind bear.

Rage started to course through him as the blind bear cried out, as a dog ripped at his face. The bear was bleeding badly. Suddenly, as the bear flung the dog off his face, the dog went flying through the air and landed at the edge of the arena by his feet. Out of pure instinct and rage, Josh took a big swing of his foot and booted the dog all the way across to the other side of the arena. Everybody stopped cheering. Even the dogs looked up as their fellow dog squealed whilst flying through the air. Now he definitely got everybody’s attention. A few places to his left was a giant burly man who stood up and demanded, at Josh, “Was it you who gave my dog a big boot through the air?”

Still acting on instinct and rage, Josh shouted back, “It certainly was and if that horrible little thing touches that bear again, I’ll do it again.” Then Josh realised what the man had said. That was HIS dog. And it was when the man drew a dagger that Josh recognised that he had said too much. Another few men who had been sitting next to him, got up and drew their daggers too. Then the dog owner snarled, “Get him.” And all the men, including the owner, charged at Josh.

Josh bolted from the stands hurdling a few people who were in his way and headed for the exit. As he ran onto the street he forgot the way back to John’s house but had no time to think so he took a left and sprinted down what looked like a main walkway of the village. His heart raced faster and faster and after a minute of weaving between the crowd he had decided he had lost them. A few seconds later however, he heard a shout and saw one of the men pushing through the crowd towards him. Josh made another, ditch effort to loose the men by taking a right into a side street. However, as he ran down the narrow alley he realised that where he thought there was a street to the left, there was actually just the shadow of a house towering above him. As the men then rounded the corner and saw him hiding in the shadows, he realised he was trapped. He needed an escape route but he had no time left.

Then Josh realised. He did have an escape route. He needed to teleport back to Miami but the problem was he didn’t know how he did it the first time. The men, knowing they had him, slowed down to wait for their comrades. Josh rapidly thought back to just before everything had gone black. He was at the kitchen table, doing his homework his homework, he was setting the 15 minute timer on his watch. The radical thought popped into his mind. What if the watch had teleported him there? What if, by setting a 15 minute timer he had unintentionally sent himself back in time to YES! 15th century England? That would explain the odd clothing and weird-looking houses. Lost in his thought he didn’t realise that the men were now confidently striding down the alley to meet him. Josh thought harder. What was the trigger to teleport him though? He ran through the scene again, doing homework, setting timer then…. The pen. Clicking open the nib triggered the teleportation! He rapidly fiddled with his watch trying to set a 21 minute timer hopping that would transfer him back to the 21st century but as he did so the men noticed the strange fiddling with a device on his wrist and charged at him daggers raised. Josh’s trembling hand clicked the start timer button and the odd click happened again. Now the watch was primed and ready. He thrust his hands into his pockets, praying the pen hadn’t dropped out of his pocket. The men were only a few paces away now, rage plastered across their faces. Josh found the pen in his pocket and drew it out. The owner of the dog threw his dagger at Josh. Josh clicked the pen open. His vision went black.

Josh opened his eyes. Clutching his heart where the dagger was about to have struck. He breathed a sigh of relief as he realised that he had teleported milliseconds before the dagger had embed itself in his heart. He took a long sweeping gaze of the room and relaxed in his chair. He was back at home sitting at the sleek black marble kitchen table. What he didn’t realise was that his mum was behind him. She was staring at him, a perplexed look filled her face. “What just happened?” asked Josh, praying his mum hadn’t seen him disappear. That would be an awkward conversation. She replied, “I came in as you were setting your watch timer and I saw you slump in your chair then a second later jump up and sit back straight in your chair again. Are you all right? Did you pass out?” Josh let out another sigh of relief  realising that, when he teleported, time in the 21st century had stood still. “I’m fine thanks Mum, I just got a little hot and maybe passed out for a few seconds. Could I maybe go to the pool early to cool down?” Josh replied in a pleading voice. “Yes. I think that would be a good idea, Josh, if you think that would make you feel better,” agreed his mum.

Josh smiled a broad grin as he made his way out to the pool. Not only did he have something that could fill the isolation period and give him an excuse to avoid his homework, he also had worked out why his watch was ‘faulty’ and had worked out how to time travel! Now in a few simple steps he could choose when he wanted to go to and when he wanted to get back, ending his boredom forever.

Out of Time by Alex Bosworth

Charlie Green, aged 13, was a normal, average boy, who loved playing football in his park that had two small goals, and loved seeing his friends every day. However, one thing was not normal about him: he could fix the most broken things back to their former glory with ease. Already, he had an apprenticeship at a local garage to fix broken cars. This was heaven for Charlie, as he loved nothing more than rolling up his sleeves, getting on all fours with a spanner and tinkering with stuff. However, one day something turned up in his back garden- something he just couldn’t resist.

A bone-jarring moan came from the middle of Charlie’s scruffy and overgrown garden, followed by a series of small, violent explosions and finally a shard of metal flew into the back of Charlie’s Mum’s window, smashing it. She’s going to hate that, thought Charlie. Taking a closer look, Charlie saw a crater about two metres deep, with a shimmering, shallot shaped craft in the middle of the depression in the ground. The bottom of this weird craft was glowing red and dirt had scattered everywhere. This will be a proper test of my skills, Charlie decided, I better get this in my garage.

After three long hours of making the garden look half decent, then taping up his Mum’s window, Charlie finally managed to observe this alien looking ‘spaceship’ that had ended up in the suburbs of London. Dragging the weird thing into his ‘workshop’ (the garage), he noticed a handful of tiny windows that were placed randomly around the exterior of the ‘thing’. He set it up on the table, but it hit the low roof, so Charlie moved the workbench aside and set it on the clod, concrete floor. Fishing out his spanner, he thought he saw something inside the craft. Peering in, Charlie saw something odd. Very odd. Squeezed into one corner was a low bed, on the other sides were lots of maps, of places Charlie didn’t know, and a large cabinet. In the center was a scattering of dials and switches on a pole that came from the ceiling.

After fixing the curious machine, Charlie gingerly stepped into the odd contraption. Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind him, and the whole raft started vibrating, faster and faster. In terror, Charlie pulled with all his might to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He was trapped inside a vibrating, spinning alien machine! Flashes of light streaked past the odd assortment of windows and the dials spun so quickly they turned into a blur. As fast as the door slammed, it opened behind him and sunlight flooded the compartment. A weird device was thrust into his pockets.

Charlie stumbled out into glaring light, using his hand to shade his eyes, when something grabbed the sleeve of his bright red jumper. He turned, and looked wide-eyed at a girl, with jet black hair and in a sort of dressing gown thing that he would later know as a kimono. The curious girl put a finger to her lips and silently led Charlie into a small, decrepit wooden shack that looked precarious. She led Charlie, who was amazed at everything, into this shack and they were greeted by an energetic boy, who was quite small, and again wore a kimono. Everyone wears one of those, Charlie thought. This boy had a small bow looped around his shoulder, and a quiver of arrows that were as sharp as a sword.

The girl started speaking in a whispery sort of way, and Charlie presumed he wouldn’t be able to understand her, but he could! In his ear, a robotic voice was translating the things she was saying!                                                                                                                                                               The girl said, "Welcome. My name is Akita, and the world you just emerged into is Japan, in the Edo Period. I am a master at the shuriken, and you are in grave danger.”                                            Immediately, the boy said, “Welcome. My name is Hanzo and I am a master at archery. You are in grave danger.”                                                                                                                                             Charlie enquired, “Emmm, hi, I am Charlie and I come from Britain. Why am I in grave danger?”                                                                                                                                                            “There is a deadly ninja, who has mastered poisons, stealth and ninjutsu. He is after the life of our daimyo (regional lord), and will stop at nothing to kill him. Hanzo and I have been tasked to eliminate the ninja, before he kills our daimyo.                                                                                        “Oh,” Charlie exclaimed.                                                                                                                                “First though, let's eat some food and get you in some proper clothes,” Hanzo said.

A sweet, sickly smell wafted from the entrance of the eating house, smelling of rice, sake (rice wine) and miso soup. The trio sat down on soft, plush chairs and Akita ordered miso soup, pickled vegetables, sushi and a bottle of sake each. The aromas that drifted off the food when they arrived in front of Charlie were heavenly, and made Charlie salivate. Also, some short, thin wooden poles were set next to the food. Where’s the knife and fork? Thought Charlie. The food was delicious, and filled Charlie’s stomach with a warm feeling.

“Now, onto the ninja,” said Akita.                                                                                                                The trio left and travelled down a warn road that led into town. The colours overwhelmed the senses of Charlie, and the long, thin houses were set neatly down the road. Ramen stands where spread down the road, with funny characters on hanging signs. Hanzo let Charlie have no time to gawp, just grabbed him by his sleeve and led him down the road to a castle. It was a beautiful castle, with white walls and the iconic sloped roofs. It was astounding.

They hid in an abandoned house near the castle, waiting for the ninja to come past them. The house was old, and some of the timbers were rotten. An acrid punch assaulted Charlie’s nostrils the moment he stepped in. They crouched at a window, and waited. Eventually, Charlie drifted off to sleep, and saw in a dream him playing on his Xbox. That’s not here, Charlie thought.

Eventually, Charlie was roughly awoken, and Hanzo hissed, “That’s him!”                                        Looking out, Charlie saw a hooded figure swiftly running across the rooftops of the houses. His footsteps were inaudible, and he was clothed in black. Hanzo nonchalantly looped his bow off his shoulder, took an arrow out of his quiver and took aim. He let fly the arrow, which struck home, into the ninja’s right thumb. Hanzo later explained that it was a Japanese insult to have an arrow sticking out of your left thumb, and you can’t use your whole hand. It was the place to shoot if you weren’t aiming to kill.                                                                                                              “Let’s move in," whispered Akita.

Silently, the children tiptoed towards the ninja who was writhing in agony, trying to pull out the arrow before anyone saw. Unfortunately, the children had seen the arrow. The ninja whipped around, and Charlie felt like he was looking into his soul. The cold, piercing eyes felt like they were inspecting every fibre of his body. It was chilling.

Akita, as coolly as Hanzo, took out some gleaming shurikens from her leather bag and took aim. She handed one to Charlie as well, and hissed, “try to hit him.” Charlie was a decent cricket player, so threw the shuriken. It barely missed, only a hair width away. Akita drew back her hand with two shurikens in it, and threw. Each hit the ninja in two pressure spots, which paralyzed the ninja immediately.

That morning, the trio had taken the infiltrating ninja to the castle, and had been asked to have an audience with the daimyo. They had, of course, accepted, and at eleven o’clock they had been led into an unbelievably lavish hall, with gold leaf everywhere and gems spread across every property. They bowed, and the daimyo congratulated them and said that they had saved his life. To recognise this, the lord granted each of them a beautifully adorned katana, razor sharp and the handle inlaid with mother of pearl. They said their thanks, bowed eight more times then left, into the glaring sunlight.

Charlie bowed to each of his new friends, and reached into his pocket, where the weird device was. I guess I’m out of time, thought Charlie. Slowly, he pressed the button, and behind him emerged the time machine. He owed once more to his new friend. s, said goodbye in English, then stepped into the time machine. Take me home, willed Charlie. And it did.

Charlie had returned to his home, in the correct time, clutching his katana as his souvenir. The moment he stepped of time machine, the time machine disappeared, and his mum yelled at him, then confiscated his katana. Charlie let out a sigh of despair, but complied.

Box for Britain by George Collison

There was once a young boy called Joseph, but he preferred to be called Joe as the orphan kids used to call him Josephina. Joe was also an orphan kid, he was dumped on the doorstep to the Orphan about ten years ago from now. He was always picked on by the older kids for being skinny and small, but mostly, for his obsession with World War 2. Every night he would always dream about one day, being able to fly a Spitfire out of the orphanage and into the sun, and zip across the skies forever, but instead, he was trapped inside an old orphanage in Warwick. 

But the worst bit of all about the orphanage was the matron. Her name was Miss Crow, who was German. She was as fat as a pig and always stank of manky-old cabbage and sweat, her breath did too. She never washed her hair or her body, and she even had a kind of moustache on her upper lip, and if she caught anybody looking at it she would beat them with a cane until their little bodies were black and blue with bruises. She must have been only in her early forties, but her face was so shrivelled and scrunched up and she always walked with a walking stick and a crooked back, then you could have mistaken her for an old witch. 

After ‘lights out’, she would stand over everybody’s bed and lean over to them so her face was only inches from their faces, and would breath so deeply that the children couldn’t help but cough, gasp and splutter as her breath was so rank, and straight away they would then be dragged out of bed and thrown onto the floor right next to it, so she could then cane them for everybody else to see. 

Meals were bad too, the children only ever got one meal a day, and the usual meal would be a piece of old bread that had been taken out of the bin and was mouldy, but if you were lucky, then the matron would scrape of some of the mould. They did get water, but it was out of the sewers where old birds and rats had died.  

Even though this was a modern day-in-age, there was no television, games console or any other form of technology in the orphanage, there weren’t even any books or board games, actually there were all these things in the matron’s office, and if anybody questioned her, then they would get caned right on the spot. So the children could only talk to each other, but they had to often communicate using sign language , because if they talked to loudly that matron couldn’t hear one of her gossip shows, then she would cane them right on the spot! She always carried a spare cane with her, just in case one of them broke from her caning them too hard.  

Although poor, little Joe faced many nasties at his time in the Orphanage, he could always talk to his  best (and only) friend, Maggie, the other kids would tease Maggie and Joe for being in love, but although Joe denied it, he secretly had feelings for her… 

None of the kids ever got anything special as a gift on their Birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasion, instead, it was just treated as another normal day. However, one day, on Joe’s Birthday, it definitely was not a normal day… 


On the morning of Joe’s Birthday, it was 02:00 in the morning and the matron was fast asleep... He felt something twitch under the covers next to the foot of his ‘bed’, his bed was really just a heap of old, itchy, dirtly clothes and his cover was another dirty piece of clothing. He tried to shake whatever it was off but it wouldn’t budge, eventually, he decided to have a look at it… 

It was an old cardboard box labelled, ‘Please deliver to Winston Churchill’. 

He new that the war was won by the Germans and how they were ruling the entire county, because a box containing a type of message couldn’t get to Churchill  on time, at least that’s what it said in the books he read, fortunately,  Joe was quite a smart boy and picked up German very quickly, so he could read the message with ease.  

Being a curious child, he opened the box, and inside it was a piece of paper labelled, ENIGMA MACHINE DESIGN, Joe didn’t have a clue what this piece of paper was about, so he looked to see If there was anything else in the box, but there wasn’t. By this point, Maggie was awake and saw Joe so she crept over to him, being careful not to wake up the matron on the way… 

“What is it, Joe?” She asked, “Nothing”, Joe said, so he shut the box but as he was shutting it something gripped hold of his hand and was tugging it into the box, then the invisible hand grabbed hold of his entire body and pulled him into, the now enormous box. Maggie grabbed hold of Joe’s other arm and they were suddenly both sucked in… 

Joe woke up at the same time that Maggie did as they both heard a bang of a gun, and then a thud to the floor, it was coming from the floor above them… They were in a kind of cellar, on the ground floor of some kind of building… 

They both staggered to their feet and didn’t say a word to eachother, they were very confused, worried and curious at the same time. Maggie eventually broke the silence by whispering, “Where are we?” “I don’t know,” Joe replied, feeling scared by what he just heard…  

Joe still had the box in his hand, and took out the piece of paper and showed it to Maggie. 

“Do you know what this is?” Joe asked, Maggie shook her head, looking quite dazed. There was a calendar hung up on the wall next to them, on it was written 1 September, 1939. Joe knew that this was the beginning of World War 11. Now he was even more scared…  

Joe and Maggie both crept up the stairs as quietly as they possibly could and saw an angry, red-faced man storm out of the room where they heard the gunshot and walked along the corridor and down a set of stairs. 

Joe knew who this man was. 

It was Hitler… 

Alarmed at what he saw, Joe told Maggie to wait in the cellar as he climbed up the rest of the stairs and crept along the corridor, but he made a huge mistake, he hadn’t actually planned where he should go, and stood there, dazed in the middle of a long corridor, at any moment a German officer could walk out and shoot him dead.  

And, sure enough, as soon as poor Joe thought about this, a podgy, middle aged, greasy haired man in a suit with the Nazi symbol on it walked out of one of the rooms along the corridor and saw them, his eyes suddenly were bulging and his cheeks were bright red and he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Bleib wo du bist!” Which Joe knew was German for ‘Stay where you are!’  

Now Joe knew that he and Maggie really were in danger, but then he remembered one of the skills he had. Not only could he understand what somebody was saying in German, he could actually speak German as well! 

So, trying to look as calm as possible, he explained in German how he had just delivered Hitler’s newspaper and was on his way out.  

The officer asked what was in the box that Joe was carrying but Joe simply stated that it was strictly for Hitler’s eyes only and not even he knew what was in the box. 

So, with that, the officer suddenly heard is name being called somewhere in building so with a nod, rushed off. 

Now Joe quietly called to Maggie in German, just in case the officer was still nearby.  

Without question, Maggie made her way up the stairs and they managed to escape the building quite efficiently after that as they were only stopped once and Joe made the same excuse as he did for the previous officer. 

Once Joe an Maggie were out in the open they had to hide in a safe area where they could plan out their way of getting all the way to England without being killed.  

Luckily for them both, Joe’s keen interest in World War 11 meant that he knew how to get to England, he had to somehow hijack an German army supply-truck that would hopefully take him all the way to France, across the border. 

And as if in response to his prayer, the same German Officer who he first encountered back in the building was carrying sheets of paper and walking over to a truck and got inside. 

Without thinking, Joe dragged Maggie across to the truck and hid behind a bin somewhere, he didn’t know how we was going to get inside without being seen, but then he had an idea… 

He walked up to the German officer and asked him where he was heading, he said that he was driving to the Army up in France to inform them on Hitler’s battle plans… 

This was exactly where Joe needed to go! He asked him if he and Maggie could come with him as there was a very important message that had to be delivered to the army from Hitler and was too long to explain to him now. 

The officer nodded and gestured towards the back of the truck, where Joe and Maggie hopped in. Now Joe and Maggie could only wait until the truck got to France and then that was when the tricky part would take place, how could they escape then? Joe knew that the two of them would have to stay with the Army and the officer until the officer was finished, and then the officer would take Joe and Maggie back to Germany with him. And even if Joe and Maggie succeeded in escaping, the officer would telephone Hitler and ask him if Hitler ever sent a message for the Army in the first place, and when he says no, then they would surely send out search-parties to try to capture and possibly kill them, they were trespassers after all. Joe had to think of a plan… 

Joe didn’t tell Maggie this, but there was no stopping search-parties being sent out to try to capture them both, as he didn’t want to make Maggie even more scared than she already was… 


At around 23:00 the truck pulled up at the Army camp. Maggie was asleep but Joe was wide-awake, he had to be. He needed all the time he could get to think of a plan and he was terrified, terrified for him and Maggie. 

The officer said that we should sleep and in the morning we can deliver the message then. The Army were fast-asleep anyway, but who could have blamed them for being so tired? They would have most-likely been training all day. There were still some guards who patrolled the perimeter. One of them, who was called Rustoff, showed Joe and Maggie to their bunkers. Now Joe could hatch his plan… 


As soon as Joe and Maggie were alone, he began to explain to her everything, he had too, he had no choice. Maggie had to be on the same page as he was…  

He had already planned out how to escape from the moment he set foot in his bunker. On his way to his bunker, he counted how many guards were on duty, of course, he couldn’t count every one of them, so when he went to the toilet he counted a few more, he didn’t actually have to count all of them, as they weren’t all going to be patrolling his escape route. 

At around 02:00 in the morning, when everybody was asleep except for the guards, who even them were delirious from training all day, Joe woke Maggie up and started the escape. The escape was actually pretty slick and easy as it was so dark and all of the guards were extremely tired. But Joe wasn’t. He was as perky as he ever had been and managed to escape without a trace. Maggie was naturally quiet and was scuttling behind him like a spider. They had escaped, but the danger wasn’t over yet… 

About half an hour after escaping on foot, Joe and Maggie both heard a sound that made their hearts stop. They had been expecting to hear a gunshot at some point but not this soon or this near to the base. 

Joe knew that they had to hide somewhere, luckily, there was a dumpsite nearby, so Joe and Maggie hid in there and tried to get an hour or two’s sleep. They didn’t mind the filth, not only was that the least of their worries but they were used to being dirty back at the Orphanage, where they never got washes or baths or anything as such 

This time it was Maggie waking up Joe, she said she on hearing gunshots and they were getting closer and closer and it was time to make a move. 

The border was about an hour’s walking distance away. They knew that once they got there they would be closer and closer to safe territory… 


They were finally in at the border and had to persuade an old French Fisherman to take them over to England. But then Joe suddenly realised, he no longer had the box. It was still in the Army camp! He knew that if he went back now he would almost certainly be killed. Just as he was about to turn around and go back, something fell out of the sky and perfectly into his hands, it was the box! It must have found itself to Joe. Joe was completely confused on how the box which he knew he left at the camp somehow teleported from the sky and into his hands, but he was too relieved and in a rush to think about it now. The kind Fisherman took them over to England and Joe and Maggie thanked him and wished him good fortune. 

Now they were behind British lines they began to relax. They no longer had the threat of being murdered. 

Joe knew that Churchill’s Office was in London and he knew the general direction. ] 

Once they were in London, which took several days and nights on foot, they had to ask some of the locals where Churchill’s office was. London was such a beautiful sight to Joe, with Rolls Royces and Morgans everywhere and ladies in hats and pretty dresses.  

Once they got to Churchill’s office, they explained to the guards about how they were given a box by somebody and how it said ‘for Churchill’ on it. The Guards nodded and let them both upstairs to Churchill’s office, where he was sitting, smoking a pipe. “Who is it?” Churchill asked, quite abruptly, he was a very busy man. “Two children”, one of the guards said, “They have something for you”, Churchill nodded, and the guards let them both in… 

“W-Well” Joe stuttered, amazed that he was standing in front of a famous person in History. “I have a s-sort of b-box for you, i-it has your name on it.” Churchill lifted an eyebrow, looking intrigued, he gestured for the box, Joe obediently gave it to him. When Churchill opened it, his face lit up. 

“This is beautiful, who designed this?” Churchill asked, holding and pointing to the piece of paper, it was an enormous piece of paper containing instructions for some sort of machine. “We don’t know.” Joe replied, gesturing to Maggie, who smiled in admiration. “We just found it, all the way back in Germany”. 

“And how did you manage to deliver this without being captured?” Churchill enquired. 

“It’s a long story…” Joe replied, smiling. Churchill laughed. 

“Some sort of action must be taken,” Churchill said, his face becoming serious again. “You two must have shown great bravery, skill and determination to have been able to accomplish such a dangerous task. Therefore, I shall reward you both with a visit to the Queen, for showing such bravery. And, as well as this,” Churchill remarked, smiling. “When this ‘Enigma’ Machine is created your names shall be engraved onto it. Now, come with me, and I shall take you two to see the Queen…” 

The Queen gave Joe and Maggie OBE’s and thanked them for their effort. When they were back in Churchill’s office they thanked him and off they went… 

“So, what happens next?” Maggie asked, as her and Joe walked across the damp, cold streets. “I don’t know, let’s just wait and see…” And with that said, they both walk of into the distance… 


“Can we go and see Great Uncle Joe and Great Auntie Maggie?” An inpatient eight year-old Josh asks. “Fine”, Josh’s dad says.  

They arrive at Joe’s and Maggie’s House. “Put the kettle on, dear”, frail, old Maggie says. “I’ll go and help, Auntie Maggie” Josh’s dad says. As Josh’s dad is in the kitchen, helping old Joe, he spots something gleam in the corner of his eye on top of the cupboard. “What’s this, Uncle?” Asks Josh’s dad, pointing to the medal-like object. “It’s a long story” Joe chuckles… 

The Battle by Conor Ridley

I am Edward and I’m fifteen years old today. I am an orphan, my parents died in a car crash, and I live with thirty other boys at the dwelling of Hyde Orphanage in London. It is a grimy old place with doors that creek and a dishwasher that, I think, actually adds food and muck to the plates rather than clean them. They beat us too, the owners know it is not allowed but they still do it, out of spite really. They hate being our carers and would gladly gallop off down the street if another job came up. They are called John and Clarise and are always moaning about the burden that we are and will always be. Anyway, enough about that, I’m here to describe and share with you, whoever you are, the events that happened exactly three years ago, well actually that’s the unbelievable it happened five hundred and thirty five years ago, I think.

It all started on my twelfth birthday, and I had escaped from the abuse at the orphanage and I was perched on a rotting, dismal bench under an imposing oak tree, sucking on a sweet rolo constantly singing to myself happy birthday. Don’t laugh I know I look like a loser saying that, but I wasn’t going to get it sung by anyone else. The sun was shimmering in the sky like a diamond, with the birds happily belting their tunes in the treetops. Seekers of the warm weather were everywhere meandering down the winding paths, eating ice creams whilst pushing kids that were bewildered by the noise of the hustle and bustle. I was relaxed, sitting there watching the crowds go bye, watching nature with its ginger squirrels bravely weaving through the crowds. Suddenly to the east, dark grey menacing clouds rolled and pitched over the sky, not rushing but in total command of everything. Without warning they were upon the park and the sea of the sky unleashed all its fury, raindrops pelted without mercy, and the once happy walkers were now screaming running to get home. Lighting lit up the land and a boom of thunder followed. I tried to get up, but I could not. I was pinned down by the weight of some unknown force, now I was angry. I needed to get up, straining every sinew in my body I heaved myself up, but it did not work. The invisible wrestler had me pinned. I was an innocent, helpless lamb ready for slaughter. Then, my eyelids were as heavy as lead, drooping down welcoming me into the darkest coffin of rest.

Abruptly, I woke up, my eyes swiftly darted open, and started scanning the landscape. I was in a lush green field with a green hill in the distance, one of which was what looked like thousands of men. This is not Hyde park, I thought and where I am? I staggered up my legs, wobbling like jelly barely able to take my weight. I looked around, as far as the eye could see men in shining armour, stood bellowing, drinking, and laughing. They were carrying gleaming death in their hands, axes, swords, daggers and even bows, many had dreadful scars all over their faces, from what I assumed must have been from past violent confrontations. It was then that I realised, I was standing in the middle of an army, with the other opposing army on the hill. There was to be a battle. The thought hit me like a sword to my head, and then the worst thought hit me I had travelled in time. Back or forward I was not sure, but I thought it was back as of the men and their weapons. However time had one more trick to play, I put my hands to my face, a beard had grown long and bushy, and I was taller too and stronger, looking down I saw I had a beautiful carved scabbard, with a sword in it, was I meant to fight, it seemed so. My eyes turned into a well, I staggered like a drunk, my thoughts turning into turmoil. I saw a boulder and grasped to sit on it, perching there with my head down contemplating the insanity that had become the sane.

“Eddie.” I looked up my eyes bloodshot, from the river that was pouring. It wasTom my best buddy since I was two. But it couldn’t be Tom lived in America, how did he get here? “Tom” I exclaimed. “How have you got here Tom” A figure ran towards me dressed like me in shining armour. It was Tom, but he had a beard just like mine, brown and bushy. “It is so good to see you,” said Tom, a grin spread over his face.

“You to mate,” I replied “But how did you get here”

“I got here a day ago, there was a sudden storm and I lost consciences. The next thing I knew I was lying in this field.”

“Hey same. But what is going on?” I said frightfully.

“Today there’s going to be a battle, and we're going to fight in it, we're fighting against Richard III.” My face turned pale, I felt bile rising up in my mouth, but I forced it down. What Tom was saying was madness, but really, I was thinking the same, what else could this be. “We better get some practise in,” Tom whispered.

“Yeh, probably” I replied. I unsheathed my sword, it gleamed in the sunlight reflecting the light into my eyes. However, even though I had never held a sword before I felt as if thought I was a master, the swords length and balance built for me. “Come on then” taunted Tom. I ran towards him, suddenly our swords clashed, and we were dancing around the grey boulder our swords clashing, as we fought to and fro. Then suddenly a trumpet sounded. “That’s the signal to organise into our ranks, come on I’ll show you where we are meant to be. He tugged at my armour and I followed placing my sword in the scabbard as I went. This was it: the battle. We were organised, Tom and I in the second row of men, all fear had gone hurtling out my body, I was ready, I was not dying here. “For the rose” Everywhere people were screaming it preparing for the slog that lay ahead. Suddenly I was to, my heart pumping madly, trying to punch out of its place. The trumpeter sounded again, and a huge cheer spread like spilt wine over a cloth. Then we were running towards the enemy everyone screaming madly, working themselves up into a state of madness. This was it: the battle

We met the other side, punching into their ranks, men slumped swords sticking through them, blood trickling out. A pale man swung with his axe at me, I ducked felling the metal pass inches from my head, I then drove forward with my sword, finding the man's flesh piercing the life. Unexpectedly three more men rushed at me, screaming with rage I ducked slashed and stabed each timed to perfection, my sword arced down clattering in to the skull of the merciless attacker there was a crunch of bone and his brains splattered over the floor, marking the point of oblivion. More men attacked each time falling under my fury. Within minutes, bodies were piled up around me, I could not help but think how many fathers and sons I had just killed. But the shameful thought was obliterated when I saw Tom lying on the floor, a sword placed at his throat. I screamed, he would not die, dogging a wild swipe for my torso. I cut horizontally my sword cutting the assailant in half, he was etched in horror and fell to the ground with a thud along with his beaten body. I sprinted over to Tom, and swiped at his attacker, connecting with bone and life. A heart wrenching scream was uttered from the dead man, but it was drowned out by the others, wounded screaming with their pink intestines hanging out like a pouch. And so, it went on like that Tom and I swiping stabbing and cutting madly side by side, creating a red tributary that led onto a thick gloopy purple river that swept into the distance.

After an endless amount of time, a drum echoed out and the enemy turned and fled, a few of our allies chased them laughing but Tom and I stood there shaking with terror and exhaustion. We started to clear the dead, piling them up on a heap. When that was done, we carried the wounded to the camp, seeing them to be treated. Once back on the field we saw the enormity of what had happened. Organs were still lying on the field, while the enemies dead and wounded were lying there stranded, livers, hearts and lungs were strewn across the field, while men with their face’s half missing, legs and arms feet away from their bodies.

Suddenly we both dropped, and started shaking. The storm was coming again, the great clouds rolled in and we both lost consciousness. Then I woke with a start, sitting under the same tree and on the same bench the storm still raging, I got up and hurried home all the time thinking about the things I had done. This is how I remember it, and even today eight hundred and thirty-five years later it still haunts me. I worked out I had fought in the Battle of Bosworth field. Apparently, what to me felt like a whole day had in fact in the world I knew had been a few minutes, so when I got back to the orphanage no one expected anything. I have not told anyone of the events of that day, but every night Tom and I have lengthy conversations about how and why these events happened.

Togs' Adventure by Ramiro Johal

“We are off to the pub kids. We will be back in an hour, please behave and Henry please look out for Togs!” shouted the excited mum. Henry sarcastically exclaimed, “Don’t worry, I won’t burn the house down!” and started laughing. Henry and Togs are brothers. Henry is 13 years old and his brother is 7.  Henry’s friends Kyle, Gabrielle and Ellie are age 14 and 13.  Their parents have been best friends with Henry’s parents since university and have come down for the Easter weekend to visit. Kyle was the comedian of the group, though this did get him in a lot of trouble at school. Gabrielle and Ellie were identical, blond haired twins who were currently rehearsing for The Parent Trap, a west end musical due to be out at the end of this year, 2017. They all sat around a magnificent antique mahogany table, laughing uncontrollably at Kyle’s latest joke. Henry’s house was covered with antiques because his parents were massive antique collectors. 

Suddenly, Henry’s dog Pips started to bark and seemed agitated. Pips dashed out of the living room and belted down the creaky, narrow, wooden basement steps. Henry raced behind Pips with Togs not far behind. Kyle shouted, “Come on girls let’s see what’s down there?” Henry had never been down the basement before as it was out of bounds, as Henry’s dad kept his expensive collection of wines down there. Nervously, Henry pushed the brown door fully open and was spooked out by this.  The room was so cold, dark, damp and dingy. He switched on the torch, from his phone, to locate the light switch on the wall.  He pressed the switch and the room lit up.  It was huge! The floor had old Victorian tiles and the walls just had bricks and there was a big wine chamber on the left with at least 100 bottles of wine, many covered in layers of dust.  Pip was running around like a bull in a china shop and suddenly they heard the door slam shut – BOOM! Ellie had pulled the door shut behind her.  Stop Pip, Henry shouted as he wanted to get out of the basement.  The friends all tried to catch Pip however Pip thought it was a game and ran frantically around and around the large basement.  Kyle finally managed to trap Pip in the corner and Henry picked him up.  “Naughty Pip.  Let’s go back upstairs”.  They walked back up the stairs to find that the door would not open, they were locked in!  Gabrielle then mentioned that she could not see Tog – where is he?

5 minutes later, Henry and the twins frantically searched for Togs while Kyle attempted to get the door open. “Togs, Togs, Togs this is not funny, come out here right now!” screamed Henry. Henry could not believe he lost Togs, where could he have gone? Ellie was looking after Pips and Gabrielle was recalling her memory of when she last saw Togs. Kyle urgently whispered, “Our parents are back.” Henry could not believe his luck; his problem had become a nightmare! Henry refused to let the parents know that they were in here. “Henry, Togs where are you! shouted Henry’s mum. Henry was panicking and he knew his parents would never forgive him if they found out he had lost Togs. Kyle then said, “Don’t worry I will ring my mum and tell her we have gone for a walk”.  Meanwhile, Togs was sitting on the dirty basement floor with a wand in his hand. He had been trying to search for Pips but had given up and he started to play with a wand he found. Togs was getting bored of the wand as he slotted it inside his pocket. He wandered around the basement calling for his brother “Henry, where are you?” Where had everyone gone? After a few minutes, Togs was getting angry and hoped that Henry would pop out of nowhere and try to scare him. Soon after, Togs was terrified as he desperately ran around the basement like a headless chicken.

1 hour later, Togs was slumped against the wall with no energy left. He looked as white as a ghost and he thought, what had happened? Togs then realised the wand was glowing and for a second, he thought the wand was the reason, but he was so tired he could not think. Togs quietly drifted off. Henry was really depressed as it hit him that he might never see Togs again. Henry finally summoned the strength to bang on the door and let his parents know everything. Henry could not feel worse as his parents screamed at him while calling the police for a mass search to begin. The teenagers were still trying to figure out how Togs had got lost.

42 minutes later, Togs was awakened by a Crash! A drunk Viking had stumbled down the stairs into some pots. Togs was frightened to his very soul by what he perceived as a monster walking. Togs was short of breath and he thought he might pass out. The Viking was 6 foot 5 inches tall, hairy, had a necklace made from bones and his eyes were red like a devil. His nose was bent, he was wearing no shoes, woollen shorts and a red tunic. The Viking had gone back up the stairs but had left the door open. Togs needed to find his brother, but he was too shocked to move. Togs started to cry, and he realised Henry was not here.

5 minutes later, Togs quietly walked up the stairs to try to figure out a way out. He worst fears had become a reality as he saw over 50 of the same monster. Togs did not let it scare him though the only thing important is finding Henry.  The house was made from wood and was in the shape of a long rectangle. The Vikings were sitting on benches and the walls were made from wattle and was covered in mud to keep out the rain and the wind. The Vikings were gathered around a large cooking fire in the middle of the house with a hole directly above the fire for the smoke to escape through. Herbs covered the floor and the head of the household had a special chair called a highchair. Togs noticed that there was a few of them wrestling in the corner and it looked very violent. Some of the them were playing a board game like chess and some of them were playing stick and ball.

Togs overheard one of them shouting “We have no food! It has been weeks since I had some beef and chickens are running out! I do not want any more berries or fruit! We need to move 50 miles East or we die!”

“Silence!” roared the leader. The room had gone from a noisy carnival to a silent graveyard.

Togs felt extremely vulnerable because if Togs had made a noise before, a bat would not have heard him but now an armadillo could. Togs tiptoed around like a ballet dancer and made his way to a colossal, black door. It had streaks of blood running through the handle which made Togs evaluate whether to touch it or kick the door open. The stale odour in the hut was overwhelming and made Togs feel sick. His stomach cried in agony as he remembered he had not eaten for hours. “It’s 890 AD and I am sick and tired of King Alfred’s rules. We are starving!” Suddenly, the Vikings heard an enormous CRASH! Togs had kicked down the door and had consequently bruised his foot. The Vikings were all startled as they wondered where the noise was coming from. All the Vikings dispersed and one of them found the door open and caught sight of Togs running away. Togs was sprinting away but soon realised the Vikings were chasing him and seemed to be gaining ground on him. When all hope was lost Togs reached into his pocket and felt the wand shaking and glowing. There was still hope!

Henry wept, “I’m sorry… I do not know where he could have gone.” The kind police officer was sympathetic which contrasted with his enraged parents. Henry could just about hear his mom, she was balling her eyes out.  Ellie slobbered, “I blame myself, I closed the door maybe we could have found him.” The house was soulless like a ghost.

Togs hobbled as fast as he could, with an injured foot. The fittest Vikings sprinted athletically across the flat but equally unstable soil. Many of the Vikings had fell into potholes meanwhile, Togs had been taking care of where he placed his feet. Togs knew he could not outrun the Vikings as they moved at an abdominal speed and there were no trees to hide in. All Togs saw were a few huts, many of which were deserted. Togs saw that the wand he held so wishfully was losing light and fading just like his dreams of his seeing his family again. The wand was the only thing connecting the two eras. Suddenly, Togs’ attention was drawn to a glowing hut just like a moth to a flame. He gave his all to run the last few metres, in hope of survival, to the hut. Togs noticed that the door looked familiar and stepped inside. He could see the glowing light and began making his way down the stairs. Togs found the glowing light, but it disappeared and when all hope was lost. Togs heard his name being called, “Togs, Togs, Togs, where are you?” He could recognise the familiar voice and was overwhelmed with excitement when he realised that the voice belonged to Henry. Togs ran into Henry’s arms and burst into tears. Henry said to Togs, “Where have you been? Anyway, tell me later mum and dad are about to come back.