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Building Positive Emotions

Every day we are confronted with situations where we must manage our emotions.

We might encounter an unexpected setback or just need to manage stress, or we might need to manage our anger when a friend or family member snaps at you. Fortunately, there are many strategies that might allow us to manage our reactions and our feelings, and that also encourage building more positive emotions.

This might sound easier said than done especially if your feelings and/or moods are negatively impacted by what is going on around you. To do anything differently might create more drama and stress in your life.

If you can focus on the pleasant memories of activities and situations you have experienced in order to build positive emotions in a moment of stress, sadness or anger then these memories can become reference points for you to draw on when we are feeling stressed, anxious or angry.

These positive emotions allow you to be more resilient through creating social, mental, and emotional resources.

An exercise that may help you:

Identify a few pleasant but challenging activities or situations you have experienced. So, this will start you on your way to remembering and then feeling the more positive resilience-built emotions.

Some positive emotions include: Happiness, Gratitude, Pleasure, Admiration, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Contentment, Amusement, Silliness, Love, Curiosity, Joy and Passion.

Now with that positive emotion more clearly accessible, hold on to that and think about how you can take that emotion into the next challenging or stressful situation, allowing the positivity you feel from it to help you navigate your way through a moment of challenge.

Part of learning Emotion Regulation through building positive emotions is by being around other people and learning to be in balance in your relationships – remaining in the present moment, whilst listening and sharing compassionately and being with and around people who understand you.