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  • Just Breathe

    Published 05/06/20, by Emily Carter

    Learning to breathe more deeply can be an easy way of boosting your wellbeing. Taking a moment to focus on the sensations of your breath helps calm the mind and move our brains into a state of relaxation. This is a really simple exercise and works brilliantly for when you're in the midst of a difficult day and need a moment to collect yourself.

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  • Aiming for Lower (Simpler) Things

    Published 04/06/20, by Liz Callan

    So here we are beginning to come out of lockdown -  though I am sure for many of us it doesn’t feel much different because children and young people are still at home!

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  • 10 Top Tips for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

    Published 20/05/20, by Jess Taylor

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week! What an interesting time for it to fall! 

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  • Best Board Games for Video Chats

    Published 06/05/20, by Emily Carter


    Students and teachers alike have been keeping in touch with family and friends via video chats these days.

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  • Fun in Isolation

    Published 22/04/20, by Jess Taylor

    There's a lot you can do to keep yourself entertained during lockdown. 

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  • Walking to Wellbeing

    Published 20/04/20, by Jess Taylor

    As a regular walker both prior to and during lockdown, it has been pleasing to see how many more families are using the daily hour of exercise to head out and explore their surrounding countryside.

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